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You read that right: your team. When you partner with ECR’s tech wizards, you gain the benefits of a full-fledged, fully staffed IT department for a fraction of what it would cost to hire one IT professional. It’s not just smart, it’s the ECR Advantage.

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Joe Strosnider, Director of IT Sales and Service

A message from Joe Strosnider, Director of IT Sales and Service

I’ve worked with ECR for over a decade, and the one thing that has always set us apart in all our endeavors has been our team. Professional, courteous and always understanding of customer needs, our team always has and always will strive to provide the highest quality service. It’s what we do and it’s what I strive for every day. Think of me as your Chief Technology Officer, and of our team as your IT Department.
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Direct Dial: 740-399-3522 | service@ecr.net

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