Exchange Online – Enterprise for the Little Guy

Microsoft Exchange – you know, the big full featured communication and collaboration suite – has typically been out of reach for many small businesses. It used to be that to get all of it’s awesome features, like centrally managed email, tasks and calendars plus mobile device sync, you would have to buy a server, domain name, SSL certificate, static IP address… plus ongoing support for that infrastructure to gain access to it.

Well, no longer!

Microsoft’s Exchange Online product gives you access to these solutions in the cloud. No hardware to buy or maintain. Just a simple, straightforward enterprise email solution for everyone.

Now you can keep your employees connected with secured, reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts—from virtually any device. Microsoft Exchange Online helps you protect your data with professional-grade security features you can trust.


Simple and stress free

Get back to growing your business while we manage all those ongoing patches, updates, and back-end upgrades.


Always up and running

Be confident in 24/7 access to email, so no more worrying about an hour of downtime ending a deal. Rest easy with a financially backed 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.


No more surprise expenses

Simplify planning with a predictable monthly cost, as low as $4 per month per user. And eliminate server upgrade costs with email that scales to support your business growth.


Security features you can trust

Protect your business and help keep customer data out of the wrong hands with built-in antivirus and antispam technologies.


Freedom to get more done

Give your people the freedom to connect with critical information, online and offline, so they can work faster and more efficiently.


ECR is a Microsoft Partner. Not only can you get the awesome feature set provided by Exchange, but ECR can help you set it all up, transfer your mail, program your devices. We take care of the dirty work so you can get back to work!

Get all the amazing capability, for none of the infrastructure expense. Contact us today to see how Exchange plus ECR can help your business.



Joe is the Director of IT Sales and Service for ECR Computers and has worked with ECR since 1999 • Joe loves making solutions for clients utilizing technology in a cost effective way • He is a big fan of technology, science, Star Trek, and other geek things • You can contact Joe by phone at 740-399-3522 or by email at

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