ECR Technology Services

We make magic.

Magic, really? Yeah, we like to think so. Our customers are always telling us that we work miracles, and in a way, its true. We take your unruly computer problems and with a wave of the “wand” – poof – your problems are gone. Like magic.

How do we do it?

Four Simple Rules:

  1. Reduce Downtime, Reduce Cost.
  2. Reliability is Paramount.
  3. Customers are not nerds.
  4. Without integrity, everything else is meaningless.

You deserve magic, and presto – we deliver.

For Business

Small or large, we have everything you need to take all of the worry out of technology management.

For The Home

Yeah, that’s right. We can help you at home too. On-Site or In-Shop, we have you covered.

In The Cloud

We may work from the cloud, but we’ll never rain on your parade.