What should business continuity mean to you?

It should mean no business downtime, even in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

Statistics don’t lie: your business will experience a server failure, power outage, or natural disaster that takes your systems offline. Every business owner must ask:

  • Is my business data backed up?
  • Are the backups being checked for validity?
  • Can my data be restored in a timely manner?
  • Can my business operate during restoration?
  • Would my business survive a massive data loss?

If you answer no to any of those questions, then you should consider ECR’s Business Continuity services.

70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business within two years.

With ECR’s Business Continuity services, you get a backup and disaster recovery solution tailored specifically for your business. Our systems are enterprise class, yet robust, affordable, and super easy-to-use. The best thing: we can manage the whole process for you. You Breathe Easy because We got IT.
Don’t find out the hard way – do it the easy way. Contact us today and let’s keep your business running.


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Joe Strosnider

Joe Strosnider – Director of IT Sales and Service

Too many times have I seen clients assume they’re backed up, only to find out they aren’t when their server goes down. ECR’s strategy is to manage your backups proactively so you’ll never have to face that scenario.
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