TechCall and TechBlock Support Center Services

Sometimes you just need a helping hand.

We get it. You have a one person shop, one computer, very little budget. TechCall and TechBlock just might be the services for you. When you are having a problem its very simple, you call us and our team will assist you, either on-site or remotely to resolve your computer problem. You can pay for your services upon completion, or commit to a block of hours each month for ongoing support.

Even the smallest business needs help, and we’re there.


  • TechCall is our most basic offering. We provide on-call as-needed support for your technology needs. On-Site and Service Center support offered for an hourly rate. No contract required.
  • TechCall does not provide any monitoring or management of your technology.


  • TechBlock is a price reduction for a commitment to a block of hours. Services are the same as TechCall.
  • Price reduction depends on total hours purchased and length of commitment.

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Steven McCarthy

Steven McCarthy – IT Specialist

No matter what relationship a client may have with us, each is important. When a client calls, I make sure to jump to action and solve their problems.
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