ECR Cloud Services

Always-on Internet-Hosted services for the masses.

Office 365

Corporate infrastructure for the little guy.

Google Apps

The power of Google for your business.


Secure Backup, folder sync and shared drive solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Scalable Cloud Based Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Technology has come full circle.

And the Cloud is at the core of it.

In the 1970’s, it was all about mainframes. In the 80’s? – Personal Computers. The 90’s brought the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The 00’s saw the Internet and the 10’s ushered in always-on mobile devices. Combine all five and you have “The Cloud”.

In today’s always-connected environment, Cloud solutions give you access to enterprise-level technology for bargain prices. It’s going to change how your business works.


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Joe Strosnider

Joe Strosnider – Director of IT Sales and Service

Building a business is hard, and the IT costs can be overwhelming. Cloud Services give customers the leverage of complex enterprise infrastructure without being tied to heavy build-out and its associated costs.

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