ECR Hybrid Cloud

Your Network. Our Cloud. Total Reliability.

What is it?

It’s the perfect mix of technology you own and offsite redundancy. We take your current server, virtualize it, and back it up to the secure ECR Managed Cloud. We monitor the hardware, software and backup, and ensure you always have a full copy of your server (or servers!) ready to go, whenever you need it.

Hardware failure, lost files, performance issues – problems of the past with ECR Hybrid Cloud.

How does my business benefit?
  • Failure Resistant: Bad hardware is no longer a problem. In the past, if your server had a major hardware problem, you had to fix the original server or migrate it’s installation – both time and money killers. Now, because your server is virtual, moving the guest server to another host is quick, easy and painless, giving you plenty of time to fix the problem properly. And if hardware does fail, ECR is equipped with backup hardware, ready to deploy to your site the next day.
  • Catastrophe Resistant: Fire, flood, tornado – no problem. A complete image based backup of your server is hosted in ECR’s secure Managed Cloud. We pop your server onto backup hardware and get you up and running, pronto, even in a different location if necessary.
  • Data Loss Resistant: It’s as true as death and taxes: people delete files. Our image based backups have granular file restore – we go back to when the file was deleted and restore it, just like that.
  • Scalable: When your business grows and you need new servers for new functions – no problem. Because your system is virtualized, a new server can be brought up next to the existing server on the same hardware. Need more horsepower for explosive growth? Because your guest servers are virtual, moving them to more powerful hardware is a snap.
  • Monitored: Once you’re on our Hybrid Cloud, we don’t ignore you. We watch the backups daily, perform sandbox test restores of your guest servers, and do monthly file restoration checks. We’ll even watch your physical server and make sure it stays in prime shape.
What’s the Bottom Line?

Well, that all depends on the size of your network and the hardware you have in place. Sometimes we can reuse your hardware, and sometimes you’ll need a new Host Server. But, after you’re set up, there’s one affordable monthly management fee and that’s it. One low rate and we make sure your servers are protected.

Awesome! What’s next?

Just contact ECR and and request an evaluation. We’ll take a look at your network and let you know what it takes to reduce downtime, and reduce cost.

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