ECR In-Shop and On-Site Services

The best computer support and repair any home user could ask for.

Rapid Response

Drop by and we’ll answer your questions on the spot. If we can fix it in 5 minutes or less: no charge!

In-Shop Service

When it can’t be fixed instantly our techs make magic happen. Most PCs fixed in less than 48 hours.

Remote Support

Can’t come to us? No worries, we can zip right in, take control, and help you right away.

On-Site Service

Need a house call? Don’t worry, we can come straight to you and fix it for a low hourly fee.

“Do you help regular people too?”

Boy, do we ever!

Businesses aren’t the only ones who need IT help. Everyday people do too. As a matter of fact, helping people with their home computer problems is how we got our start and it’s still a core part of our business.

No matter what, we will always support everyday people because without their support and patronage in return, we wouldn’t be where we are today.