Simply bring your PC to ECR for repair and automatically receive our Rapid Response PC Service. We’ll take a look at your PC during your initial visit to make sure that we understand your needs completely. Many problems can be fixed on the spot! And you know what’s even better?

If it takes us less than 5 minutes to fix your computer, your repair is FREE!
Parts costs may still apply, of course.

What if it takes longer?

Glad you asked. If it’s being particularly ornery, there will be a fee. This ranges typically from $10 to $50, depending on the severity of the issue.

But what if you can’t fix it today?

No worries. Just leave it with us and our world-class repair shop will make everything right as rain. Most computers can be serviced by our experienced technicians within 48 hours.

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Seth Buckenberger

Seth Buckenberger – Retail IT Services Manager

Many computer problems can be fixed on the spot. I take pride in being able to help the community with this rapid service.
Contact Me:
Phone: 877.392.9246, Extension 1017 |