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  • Industry: Public Safety
  • Service Plan: TechManage
  • Challenges: Conversion of two separate 9-1-1 dispatching centers into a consolidated dispatching center while ensuring system redundancy and multiple fail-over modes.
  • Solutions: Ground up network infrastructure build, secondary and tertiary multi-site Hyper-V replication, offsite backup, centralized app server for easy software management.
  • Results: Allowed client to replace outdated technology, eliminate downtime for software upgrades, improve interaction between separate but related systems (radio, 9-1-1), build robust system redundancies in case of emergency, increase reach of 9-1-1 systems to provide essential information to public safety partners anywhere in the county. The project, as a whole, helped to significantly reduce long-term costs for the agency by maintaining fewer front-line computers and fewer primary dispatch centers. In addition, operationally, the project helped to improve public safety information sharing as well as real time inter-agency coordination for emergencies significantly reducing the workload and time associated with handling emergency calls for service.

Customer Testimonial

Richard Dzik
Richard Dzik
Coordinator, Knox County 9-1-1

ECR was the primary IT vendor for our 9-1-1 dispatch consolidation process. They set up and configured an entirely new and modern network for our systems. This new IT plan included configuration across three separate locations, installation of redundant virtual servers, and complex networking across numerous systems and vendors.
As, arguably, the most technologically complex public agency in Knox County it was essential that ECR work hand-in-hand with our telecom provider to integrate with our 9-1-1 answering system and our radio systems provider to provide essential network services to our stakeholders across Knox County. Because the safety of Knox County residents cannot be compromised, ECR also agreed to provide 24/7/365 support at a cost that is ideal for tight public budgets.
After years of reliable, affordable and professional service we were happy to continue our relationship with ECR throughout and after this important project.


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