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  • Industry: Frozen Confections
  • Service Plan: TechManage
  • Challenges: Old technology, no centralized management, branch offices using paper and fax, inability to maneuver with changing industry standards, apathetic IT Support
  • Solutions: Complete network rebuild, centrally managed services backups and antivirus, branch office tie-in, stable platform for growth.
  • Results: Allowed client to move from pen-and-paper inventory system to mobile handheld computers and vendor managed inventory control. Saved client $60,000 yearly in overhead, decreased turnaround time in order fulfillment, increased accountability to customers and increased customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial

Dave Elwell
Dave Elwell
Chief Financial Officer, Velvet Ice Cream

One of the best internal decisions Velvet Ice Cream has made in the last five years was our decision to use ECR Computers as its sole provider of software, hardware and internet services.


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