SaaS, DaaS . . . What?

SaaS and DaaS – you’ve probably heard of them before, but what do they mean? It’s simply really –  they stand for Software-As-A-Service and Desktop-As-A-Service. What’s even more interesting is that you’ve probably used one or the other and haven’t even realized it. How does it affect you as a business owner and how can you use it to your advantage?


So what is this SaaS stuff anyway? Well, the Internet defines it as a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. Okay, that’s kinda nebulous. How can we apply that to you?

Simple. Ever use GMail or Google Apps? Office 365? These are all considered Software-As-A-Service. They provide to you a type of functionality that would normally be provided in-house on your own infrastructure, but hosted on the cloud on their infrastructure, usually for a per-person fee.


Now, to DaaS. Think of DaaS as an extension of the SaaS concept, only deeper. Essentially, instead of a single function being hosted in the cloud – ALL functions are hosted in the cloud. Your entire desktop experience, from programs, to files, to – you name it – is provided as a virtual desktop, accessible from anywhere. The computer as a device becomes irrelevant. Break a PC? Someone spill coffee all over their laptop? No problem, none of your data is there. Its on your hosted virtual machine in a data center, safe from hardware failure, viruses, etc. Just grab another computer, log in and keep going.

Expensive? Doesn’t have to be…

Sounds like something only the big boys can use, huh? Nope, not at all. ECR as been designing and implementing affordable SaaS and DaaS type services for it’s clients for several years now. Imagine being able to have multiple branch offices run your custom accounting and process management software without an expensive server and network connection at each branch. It’s possible, and affordable. Imagine being able to have anywhere access to the infrastructure, software and data you want with no restrictions on what computer the user uses. We can do that. We have done that.

Curious to learn more? Contact us today and let us show you the magic that can be had with these amazing concepts.


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How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

Managed Services in the context of computers and technology are IT services delivered in a defined manner with predictable expense. Organizations, like ECR, that provide these services are called Managed Services Providers (MSPs for short).  For a set fee, they provide a set level of support for you and your company, reducing hassle, headache and confusion.

Sounds simple, but beware, it’s not always. The provider you choose is very important, as they’re not all created equal.

Here’s what to look for in your MSP:

  • Custom Plans that Fit Your Needs. Do you need just some block hours? How about network monitoring. Maybe you want everything handled for one low fee. The best MSP will be able to customize your service plan to meet your needs. ECR’s flexible plans, from TechBlock, TechWatch and TechManage to fit the bill perfectly.
  • Customized 24x7x365 Monitoring. Full fledged MSPs invest in all the tools necessary to keep constant vigil on your network and identify problems before you have them. ECR has implemented such a system that allows us to know to a great deal of granularity the health and status of everything on your network, including servers, backups, workstations, switches, internet connectivity and more. Beware MSPs that use the built in notification features of your systems – they’re not getting the detailed information needed to be proactive with your network.
  • Full Support Options. Does your MSP come onsite? Do they also have remote support tools? What about after-hours support? All are absolutely necessary to provide the best level of service. ECR has mobile technicians and a fully staffed Service Center ready to serve you remotely or in person. We even have 24×7 technician access available when those middle-of-the-night problems occur.
  • Customized Health Reporting. MSPs worth their weight will provide to you monthly reports on the health of your network. This is a feature ECR provides with every TechWatch and higher support agreement.
  • Periodic Meetings. Your MSP should be working to pave the highway in front of you instead of patching potholes after you’ve hit them. This is why periodic IT overview and planning meetings are important. ECR gives every MSP client this level of service, acting as your Chief Technology Officer to ensure you can put the pedal to the metal!

Remember: when you want to hire a Managed Service Provider, it means that you value uptime – keeping your systems working – as much as possible.  This means a commitment from your MSP to spend the time necessary to ensure everything works smoothly for you, and a financial commitment from you to ensure that your MSP can provide that service in a mutually beneficial way. That’s what ECR is all about, keeping your systems running just as if you had your own IT department for substantially less cost.

Check out our Managed Services Offerings, and contact us if you would like to discuss how ECR can help you and your business grow and succeed!

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Welcome to the new Website


ECR, your local source for Everything Computer Related, has relaunched the new and improved website!

ECR has been reborn as your local IT service provider, focusing on network management and PC repair services. Heralding this change, our site has been completely redesigned. Sporting a clean, fresh new look, our site now highlights our flagship service, TechManageWe Manage Your IT So You Don’t Have To.

New Feature: Remote Support

Remote Support Icon
New to the website is our Remote Support feature. With a single click, you can gain access to our remote support tools. With your permission, we take control of your computer and can help you with almost any PC support issue.

RevLocal: Online Marketing and Web Design Services

Web and Marketing users, don’t worry. We’re still here for you and haven’t gone anywhere! Our custom design and marketing services are now managed under a new brand, RevLocal. Even though the name has changed, we still have a home in Knox County and all the same people are here, working tirelessly to serve your needs.


ECR has been with the community for almost twenty years. We’ve stayed committed to you and your needs and will continue to do so for many years to come. These changes show our passion and commitment to you our customer, and prove that you can Breathe Easy… We Got IT.


Joe Strosnider –  Director of IT Sales and Service

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